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Creative Management (DRAM142)

30 credits

This module examines the management of creativity and creative approaches to project and team management. During this module you will focus on the challenges of managing creative people: What motivates and drives creative talent? How do you inspire and lead talent? How do managers block, stymie and kill creativity? How do individuals and teams play critical roles in the promotion of ideas, development, and value capture process? You will research and explore these issues through the analysis of case studies and you will be encouraged to relate these challenges to the industry you wish to work in, on successful completion of this MA. The module will focus on both failure studies and success stories, drawing on leadership and organisational theory and practice. You will be encouraged to explore how cultures and territorial differentiation impact on creative activities, decision making, processes, attitudes, business behaviours, outputs and measurement. The assessment for this module encourages you to identify opportunities for adding value to the organisation in which you (hope to) undertake an industry placement or assignment. By developing an enhanced understanding of a range of management challenges, you will also enhance your approach to responding to creative briefs, which you will then apply to your own creative campaign or portfolio.