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Dissertation Project (EAFM204)

60 credits

The final dissertation project allows you to produce a portfolio of work that reflects the practical application of international filmmaking, delivery or curating. You will develop a ‘virtual’ case study (e.g. developing a film for market, producing a marketing campaign for the release of a film, developing a business model for e-distribution or e-exhibition). The project will emerge from one element studied in previous modules on the degree. The specific topic for the dissertation project will be selected by you in discussion with one of the course tutors – acting as the dissertation project supervisor – ensuring that the final project/dissertation is informed by the overarching learning process of the MA as a whole. You will work with both your allotted supervisor and with an industry-based mentor, who will provide practical advice and guidance. The mentor will be appointed in consultation with the course leaders from Exeter (Jezz Vernon) and LFS (Victoria Thomas).