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Critical Reflections (EAS1043)

15 credits

This module is compulsory for those of you who are enrolled on the Combined Honours English and Creative Writing degree programme. It is the creative-writing equivalent of the module ‘Academic English’ that Single Honours English students take in their first year, and as such will provide you with the skills necessary to write excellent essays on both the English and Creative Writing sides of your degree. Under the guidance of your seminar leader you will approach the subject of Creative Writing in a critical sense, looking at texts with regard to form, technique, context and motivation. Students will research and write essays that critically engage with the particular works chosen by individual tutors, so there is no set reading list for the module. The module will enable you to become excellent researchers, and will give you the ability to structure, compose and finish academic essays to a high standard.

This module is not available to students taking any degree programme other than English and Creative Writing.