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Expanding Queerness: Critical Debates in Theory, Literature, Film and Television (EASM171)

30 credits

Over the last 30 years, queer scholars have offered some of the most exciting, innovative and disorientating ways of conceptualising sexuality and gender. This module explores recent theoretical and political developments in queer studies. We will examine how approaches drawn from queer studies resonate with cultural constructions of homo-, hetero- and bisexualities as well as cis, trans and non-binary forms of gender expression. The overall goal of the module is to challenge and expand our understanding of queerness by responding to and participating in theoretical, conceptual and political debates in queer studies through an engagement with works of literature, film and television.

This interdisciplinary module is suitable for all students. You will have the chance to engage closely with theoretical texts.

Students can choose to take this module in either term 1 or 2 for 2022/3.