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Editorial Processes and Practices: Creating Products (EASM176)

30 credits

How do publishers create new digital and print products?  What are the editorial processes involved in moving from initial idea, proposal or submission to publication?  What impact do interlinked questions of technology, decoloniality, geography and cultural value have on editorial practices? In this module you will explore the multiple roles of an editor from commissioning to project management, market research to digital design, and multimedia content creation to list building. Alongside guest lectures from industry professionals working across book and journal publishing (including in children’s publishing), a core element of the module involves working closely with experienced editors to produce a new publication. At the start of the module you will have a stack of unread manuscripts to consider; by the end of the module—working collaboratively with editors, seminar conveners, and peers—you will have transformed that stack into a laid-out issue ready for the printers and ready to be marketed to a digital audience.