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Approaches to Poetry (TRU1910)

15 credits

This team-taught module offers a genre-based approach to poetry, introducing you to a range of texts from different periods and refining skills of close reading and literary analysis. The aim of the module is to cultivate formal and linguistic skills which can be used in combination with other interpretive and creative techniques later in the degree. There will thus be a close focus in seminars on what is at stake in following or bending or rupturing, normative or hierarchical models of language use in particular examples of poetry. As well as offering a grounding in important genres such as epic and lyric, the module will introduce you to verse forms, theories of meter and metaphor, and issues in language, power politics and interpretation, through the use of such techniques and modes as irreverence, obedience, irregularity, evasion, hybridity, silence, rupture, non-standard form, ambiguity, play.