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English and Creative Writing

Photo of Professor Andy Brown

Professor Andy Brown

Professor of Creative and Critical Writing


01392 264252


Room 303, Queen's Building

Please book office hours here for a Teams 'Office Hour' meeting of 10-15 minutes by visiting

If you really canot make the days or times offered, then please emall me at and I will try to find another time for you.

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  • Contemporary Poetry            * Poetry, Medicine and Science
  • Ecology and Ecopoetics        * Emergence Theory             
  • Critical Realism                     * OuLiPo
  • Contemporary Fiction            * Historical Fiction

Professor Brown welcomes PhD proposals from writers and researchers with related interests.

Professor Andy Brown is a well-known poet and poetry commentator. He is an Associate Professor in English & Creative Writing, and Director of Postgraduate Research in Creative Writing. His most recent books of poetry are The Tin Lodes [with Marc Woodward] (Indigo Dreams Publishing), Casket (Sheasman Books), Bloodlines (Worple Press), Watersong (Shearsman Books, 2015) and Exurbia (Worple 2014)..

He is currently working on a collaborative book of poems about music, GRACE NOTES (with Marc Wooodward); a short collection of poems and asemic illustrations, BAIKAL ZEN (forthcoming), and a new book of lyric poems, THE TRACE (forthcoming).

He co-edited A Body of Work: an anthology of poetry and medical writing (Bloomsbury, 2015) with Corinna Wagner, and edited and contributed to The Writing Occurs as Song: A Kelvin Corcoran Reader (Shearsman 2014).

He published an historical novel, Apples & Prayers (Dean Street, 2015) and is working on a new novel, The Midnight Mechanic, centred around cholera and the sanitary developments in Victorian London.

He is writing a book about the figure of the tree climber in literature and in art - #manintree - which explores our relationship to trees, and the mental health benefits of tree climbing and forests.

His previous poetry publications include The Fool and the Physician (Salt, 2012), based on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch; Goose Music (Salt, 2008) with John Burnside; The Storm Berm (Tall Lighthouse, 2008); Fall of the Rebel Angels: Poems 1996-2006 (Salt, 2006) and five previous volumes of poetry. 

He has edited two collections of correspondences with contemporary writers, collected in Binary Myths 1&2 (Stride, 2004), and has worked with sculptors, filmmakers, and musicians. He writes regular reviews and articles for a range of literary journals. He is a regular tutor for the Poetry School, London, and is a well-known performer and singer-songwriter around the South West.

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Research students

To date I have supervised eleven PhDs to successful completion, most with publication of books within their PhDs, several with major national awards and prizes, and many of them having gone on to take up successful academic careers elsewhere:

Luke Kennard (poetry/prose poetry);   Tupa Snyder (poetry);  Sally Flint (poetry/ekphrasis);   Jaime Robles (poetry);   Ben

Smith (poetry/ecopoetics); Jos Smith (poetry/ecopoetics);   Eleanor Rees (poetry/neo-materialism);   Isabel Galleymore

(poetry/ecopoetics);     Alison Stone (British Objectivist poetry); Mia Dormer (historical crime fiction); Sally Long

(poetry/meditation and Ignatian poetics).

I am supervisor to 10 PhDs at present in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, and am 2nd spervisor to a number of

academic English PhDs.

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Copyright Notice: Any articles made available for download are for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the copyright holder.

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To Appear

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  • Pragier D. (2023) Taking Words Literally: Cratylism in the Post-Truth Age.


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  • Passarelli C. (2022) Fictions Pointing at the Moon.
  • Passarelli C. (2022) Fictions Pointing at the Moon.


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