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English and Creative Writing

Photo of Professor Sam North

Professor Sam North

Associate Professor (E&S)


01392 722075


I have published 8 novels and written two films, the first a dramatised account of the life of Beat photographer Robert Frank, co-written and directed by Frank, for BBC Arena. My 2004 novel The Unnumbered was long-listed for the Man-Booker prize and in 2010 I won an Eric Gregory Award. My first novel, The Automatic Man, won the Somerset Maugham Award. I haven't published a novel in 15 years but I have written two books about writing, the first on prose fiction, Five Analogies... and the second about screenwriting, The Instinctive Screenplay, and in 2017 I sold a spec. script to Kevin Loader, producer of the Death of Stalin among many other films, which has fallen by the wayside.  

My office is in room 206,Queen's Building. My office hours in term 2 this year (23-24) will be on Wednesdays from 9-12 am - you should be able to make a booking online here - 

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  • current fiction in both dramatic and prose form
  • the history of narrative and genre development
  • the instinctive/evolutonary processes of story-telling, especially with regard to film and televison writing

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