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Dr Naomi Howell



01392 723810

Naomi Howell researches and teaches the literature of the Middle Ages, with a special focus on twelfth and thirteenth century romance. She is particularly interested in the relationship between literature and material culture (including tombs and monuments), and in encounters between different ethnic and religious communities, within and beyond Europe. 

Research interests

Naomi Howell's current projects include 'Deploying the Dead: Artefacts and Human Bodies in Socio-Cultural Transformations', funded by the HERA Joint Research Programme 'Uses of the Past'.  Previously she was Research Fellow on the Leverhulme-funded project ‘Speaking with the Dead: Histories of Memory in Sacred Space', and the linked ERC-funded project 'The Past in its Place'. Her areas of interest include tombs and funerary sculpture in medieval literature and society, particularly in the Anglo-Norman milieu. More broadly, she is interested in the wider cultural and material contexts which inform the relationship of the living with the dead, the other, and the past. She is writing a book on tombs as sites of cultural encounter and exchange in medieval romance.


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